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Hair is a woman’s crowning glory and a man’s pride. History has seen Hair influence human emotions which in turn have impacted thoughts, actions and maybe the course of history itself!
We all love Hair! And we all aspire to have the hair of our dreams! Kolka values You and your Hair dreams. Kolka hair extensions offer you happiness, smiles, confidence, glory and blissful hair days as you wear it as your own.

What do you need to know about Hair?

Well there is so much being talked about hair today all over the world and yet there is very little awareness about it. We at Kolka are committed to helping you understand hair, know your hair and find your perfect match of hair. There are tons of different textures, hues, and application methods to choose from in the Hair market.
We recommend Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair extensions. They are immensely sort after because of its fine texture and healthy-looking sheen. Indian Virgin Remy hair works very well even in its natural state without any chemical alterations. The structure of the hair follicle is also similar to the European hair type, but lasts much longer—over a year if properly maintained. The advantage with 100% Remy Virgin Natural Indian Human Hair is that it can be styled and coloured as you desire and is an add-on to your style quotient!

Why does Hair matter?

Why do we care so much when we lose hair by balding or lose hair color by aging? Hair has a special significance for us that are manifested in social, cultural and religious settings. Our hair-especially our scalp hair, is one of the principal presentations of "self" we make to the world. Great cultural and religious symbolism is attached to hair and its display in many societies.

Where does Human Hair come from?

Hair comes from countries where there is a hair cutting and collecting culture. India and south East Asia are the largest sources. Hair from India is fine, silky and wavy. Hair from Southeast Asia is straighter with the strands thicker and stick- straight. 

Why is Indian Hair so popular?

Indian virgin Hair is the most resilient hair of all the hair types. It tends to be very fine in texture, soft, shiny, naturally oily and difficult to damage. The hair strands are thin and are almost translucent when held up to the light. It feels like an ultra-fine strand of silk. It is found in various textures like Straight, Wavy and Curly.
Indian straight hair is rarely stick-straight. It is soft straight hair with a slight body wave which adds volume and bounce.
Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair extensions are immensely sought after as they can be styled in any way you desire, they can be flat ironed, curled, coloured and is known to last longer than most other hair types. Kolka Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy, Virgin, Natural, Authentic, Indian Human Hair.

Virgin Human Hair

Hair is called Virgin when it has not been chemically treated (coloured, bleached or chemically altered) in any way. The cuticle alignment is in-tact without any alteration. In other words the hair is sourced, cleaned and maintained in its natural state when it reaches you.

Remy Hair

Hair cut from a single donor, with its cuticles intact, all facing the same direction from root to tip is called Remy hair. When you examine Remy hair through a microscope, you’ll see that the cuticles look like scales. Only when all the scales flow in the same direction from the roots to the ends it will not tangle easily. Remy human hair is natural and not easily prone to tangle.

Kolka’s signature collection – Kiara, is 100% Remy, Virgin, Natural, Single Drawn , Authentic Indian Human Hair.

How does authentic Virgin Remy hair look & feel?

Authentic Virgin Remy human hair does not have a lot of shine in its natural state.
This is due to natural weathering and exposure to sun. And no two hair pieces can be guaranteed to be identical in colour and texture. Mild variations are natural.
The hair gets a slight shine after cleaning with a mild shampoo and conditioner. You can feel the fine cuticles in the virgin remy hair strand. Hold a strand of hair near the top between your thumb and index finger, and slide your fingers down the entire length of the hair. The hair should feel smooth. If you reverse the motion and slide your fingers up the strand, the hair should have very fine ridges—these are the cuticles (its’ more pronounced with thick and coarse hair). If the hair you have purchased is very smooth both ways up and down, the cuticles were most probably stripped by an acid wash or coated with silicone and its fake virgin hair.

Double Drawn

Double drawn hair is hair drawn from more than one donor and has all the hair strands measuring the same length giving it a consistent thickness from top to bottom. This in itself posses a huge challenge to ensure the hair is mixed without compromising the quality in terms of being Remy. To ensure all the hair strands are cuticle aligned in the same direction is quite a painstaking and time taking task.

The process required to create 100% Remy double drawn hair is quite expansive and takes over 4 kgs of hair to create a single 100gms of 16” hair. This labour intensive process of preparing a 100% Remy double drawn finished product requires not only large quantities of hair but also a lot of care, concentration, handwork and time. These factors impact the making of double drawn hair. So it’s important to know that it’s rare to find 100% Remy double drawn hair extensions in the market and it will be very expensive for sure.

Kolka offers 100% Remy Double Drawn Hair extensions only on customized order.

Kolka’s New Collection - Athena, is processed cuticle free Double Drawn Hair Extensions that are made out of Authentic, Virgin, Natural, Remy, Premium Indian Human Hair from more than one individual.
Athena collection is 100% tangle free!

Fake Double Drawn

As it's rare to find Remy Double Drawn Hair extensions, most often the Double Drawn hair available in the market is made from Non-Remy hair. But the quality is dependent on the premium grade of hair used. In reality, the Fake Double Drawn Hair is made from Non-Remy hair collected from barber shops, dropped hair from salons, bundled hair from wastes and damaged or discarded hair. It is cleaned, bundled or wefted together to be acid-washed and silicon coated to make it look like double drawn. Sometimes it may even be blended with synthetic hair. Fake Double Drawn hair gives the temporary illusion that the hair is healthy.

Kolka Hair

Kolka knows and understands your Hair needs. That is why our tagline says “natural forever”!
Kolka hair is 100% Virgin Natural Remy Human Hair. Our hair extensions are known for their quality, ease to wear and can be styled, curled, straightened and coloured. Resilient and premium in quality our hair extensions can last up to 2 years.

How Kolka assures its Premium Quality

Kolka hair goes through elaborate care and quality control checks to ensure its premium quality of 100% Virgin Natural Remy hair extensions. We pride ourselves for our commitment to quality.
Our hair story is very organic and simple. The raw hair is sourced from the donors in India and Southeast Asia. Our production team is coached to maintain high standards during the sorting, cleaning and wefting procedures. They have been specially trained to avoid the mistake of adding an inverted hair back into the bundle or weft.

Kolka Hair Process

Only 50% of the hair sourced initially actually ends up in our extensions. We select the highest quality hair and discard the weathered and damaged hair. The rejected hair is then exported as Non-Remy hair to China. We then sort the selected hair into texture types.

Our hair goes through an elaborate cleaning stage to remove grey hair and impurities. It is then washed with mild shampoos and moisturized with conditioner. All through the process the cuticles are kept intact.
We use the strongest, most shed-resistant machine wefting techniques. A lot of care is taken to avoid any inclusion of any fallen inverted hair into the weft to avoid tangling and smooth flow of hair. During the wefting process, any hair that falls to the ground is not picked up since it may be inverted and flow in the opposite direction to the hair.

Our full control over the production process allows us to maintain the premium quality of our Hair Extensions. Kolka Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy virgin natural authentic Indian human hair with fine, silky, straight, wavy and curly textures.

How much hair do I need?

For a full install, the average person needs about 300 to 400gms and for a partial install about 100 to 200 gms. Each Kolka Hair Extensions weft weighs 100gms.


12'' to 14'' about 200gms is recommended

16'' to 22'' about 300gms is recommended

24'' to 30'' about 400gms is recommended

Kolka Hair Textures

Kolka Hair Extensions come in beautiful natural virgin state textures and steam pressed textures. Kolka hair extensions does not offer chemically processed texturing.

The Virgin state textures last a whole life time. While the curls from steam pressed textures last anywhere between 5 to 10 washes. And they can always be re-curled and, styled the way you want!

Kolka Virgin Straight hair made from Indian silky straight hair is naturally relaxed in it's virgin state and not bone straight. When you unpack your Kolka straight hair it might have some waves. But once worn or washed it comes back to it's original natural relaxed straight state.

How to care for my Kolka Hair?

You have chosen your Kolka Hair!
Your Kolka hair is now a part of you! So care for it as you would care for your own hair!

Follow the below hair care regime and that will ensure your Kolka hair lasts long and stays looking healthy and lustrous!

  • Clean hair lives longer! Shampoo your hair at least once a week. Use sulfate-free mild shampoos with no higher than pH 7. Use a sponge to apply the shampoo into the hair. Do not massage and rinse thoroughly. Apply a mild conditioner. Rinse your hair gently in a downward motion. Let it air-dry.

  • The way you brush your hair extension decides its longevity and quality. With a wide tooth comb carefully run it through in an up to down direction starting from the lower ends and gently work your way up. This will ensure there is no tangling and matting.

  • Try not to back comb your hair too often! This can result in cuticle breakage that will result in dryness, tangling and matting.

  • If you sleep wearing your hair extensions, we recommend that you braid them or put them in a loose ponytail first, to minimize tangling. This should also be done if you are doing anything energetic that will cause the hair to tangle! Next morning you can style it according to your texture.

  • You can use a mild conditioning spray or serum to protect your hair from dryness.

  • Your steam set textures are not permanent! They will last till its washed. Brush with a wide tooth comb till they last and then you can restyle them!

  • Yes you can style your hair as you desire but Heat is one of your hair's biggest enemies! So style it with care and patience. Don't brush too harshly or in the reverse direction. Try using heat less waves/curls for styling as much as possible. For straightening use flat iron with care. And avoid heating on one spot for too long. Always use a protective spray prior to using heat on your hair.

  • Kolka would love to see you flaunt your Kolka hair everyday! But do avoid too much exposure to humidity, sun, saline water and chlorinated water to reduce hair damage. Protect it as best as you can. Stay out of harsh sun exposure and wear a cap when you go swimming.

You are now ready to step out with your dream Kolka Hair extensions.

If you have any more queries on Kolka Hair Extensions and Hair care or want to be guided to match hair extension with your hair, Kolka Angels are there to help.
You can write to us at Kolka angels will reply within 24-48 hours.

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